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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 19, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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tonight madonna under fire fo exposing a teenaged girl on stage. her bizarre behavior concerning fans, is she headed for a meltdown? and will the teen fan sue? and did sean penn trick this actress so he could meet with mexican drug lord el chapo? and being candid her divorce. >> her new album out today, we're breaking down the rules, wait until you hear what she's singing about blake and gavin.
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fighting with her husband on screen and off. >> hear what caused their epic clash. and our sally field flash back. >> i'm coming back for number two, and then number eight. now for march 18, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hello, everybody, thank you for joining us. nancy o'dell kevin frazier are off. > here's tonight's top story. >> is madonna melting down the new concern as she exposing a teenaged fan on stage. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm sorry, that's sexual harassment, you can do th to me. >> the headlines, has madonna gone toofar, she shows the
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strain, and my personal favorite, madonna makes a boob of herself. but wait there's more, madonna drinking from a banana shaped flask. all of those well, minus the flashing are things madonna does in every single show and while immediate outrage are calling for the 17-year-old to sue, she and her mom called it the best moment of life. >> it was nothing, it was so nothing. it was just a funny little slip up and that was it. if anything, tait was a bonding moment with madonna. i don't think she did anything wrong. >> of course, all of madonna's recent behavior, stumbling
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through songs, acting drunk on stage, the over top sexual references, they had concern the 57-year-old is falling apart because of the custody battle with her ex-husband over their son rocco. >> i feel like i have a fat hole in my stocking. right here. it's so big. >> this is madonda, afall, she's been playing the same game for decades, is this really a meltdown or for -- as she told us barely a year ago, she just doesn't care what people think. >> there's no rules and people should ju leave me alone and let me do what i want to do for a change. here's the latest on another headline that we are in front of. >> madonna's other ex, under
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fire today. >> you look hurt still. that's the blasting sean pen. her first sit down she and penn made headlines. sean act companied her on a trip to meet escaped drug lord el chapo. >> you wanted to have a conversation about the policy on the war on drugs? >> that's right. >> and sean told charlie rose that he was th to write a question for rollingstone. >> use that as an anchor into this article. >> but she said she felt misle initially thinking that sean came wi her because of a film he wanted make about el chapo. >> are you angry at him? >> i am. i don't think he never wanted to make movie. >> charlie told us sean knew kate wassa pivotal player in
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their meeting. today this previously unknown actress finally answered how she even connected with one of the world's most wanted criminals. >> i didn't think it was necessarily me. he was probably had a crush on the show. >> teresa mendoza kate plays on a mexican telenovella. >> fans remember kate played the boss of a mexican drug lord, later murder marie parker's son. however el chapo became afan, it became a questionable relationship. >> was it a crush? >> maybe, i don't know okay, mayb >> you can see the entire interview tonight on "20/20." gwen stefani and blake have bee dropping all of truth. we took deep dive into gwen's
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album to see what we could find. >> she's totally into blake. that's gwen's handwriting with "hearts and doodles" on her new album. she said that blake saved her life after her nearly 13-year marriage to gavin rossdale ended. >> it was rock bottom. >> in her interview, she said finding love with blake has given her new hope. >> in all of this craziness that happens, like june expected horribleness, i found a friend that was going t literally the exact same thing as me. and that is amiracle, you know. i feel so grateful for that. >> in its first day of release,
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her album held the number spot on i-tunes, posting this adorable video with her youngest son apollo. >> everybody go to i-tunes. bye. >>bye-bye. go to thei-tunes. >> blake celebrating to, saying gwen stefani, my favorite song on your is "rare" just thought i would let you know. never could understand why i was so unlucky in love. so much love in me and yet i have had so much tragedy with that, but yet i have had so many incredible blessings, i mean how did this happen me? like it's crazy. >> gwen is also blake's newest inspiration. >> i created a whole new album and that really represents the strength that i have had throu the year represents picking
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myself up off the ground an saying, no, i somewherehave a g have to have confidence, i have to do this right now. >> and rumor it blake's new album "if i have it" will include a duet with gw >> adam lambert's back on "american idol" and killing it revealing new single "welcome to the show." >> what goes through your mind being back on this stage tonight? >> you know, it's nostalgic and it's really nice come back for the final year with a new single. >> adam is just one of the alums back for a final season including kelley clark son that brought the club to tears. >> keith urban who tours his own album depends on nicole kidman during t process. >> it's been every over the
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course of this 15 months of making this record so she's done everything over and over again, god bless her. >> i'm interested in how i wonder just when she's listing, before she says anything, i have a particular response that's not necessarily the same without her. so it's important. i need the girl here. >> che out this girl here, last night in a seriously 70s striped jump suit. wit pink cutout minithat the idol newcomers have be-- >> the room is so big and so strong and so high, he is just sophenomenal. >> coming up next, queen latifa tells me bout the tragedy that shaped her life. >> catherine hidel tripped down
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will wind through the streets of new orleans depicting the last hours of jesus christ. jean carlos canella stars as jesus. >> the scripture has not been changed, no one is writing words jesus's mouth. >> it's all here, the last supper and the betrayal by judas. >> the message is conveying a lot of what we need in the world right now and that's love. >> another faith based project opened this week, the drama "miracles from heaven" it's based on the experience of a family who said that their daughter was cured by divine intervention. >> having lost my brother when i was years old, one of the closest people in my entire life, when that happens to you and you can't even make a fist because you have lost the strength in your hands. i had faith, but i questioned so many things. i questioned god, i needed to
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understand why this happened. why would th happen. >> whose real name is dana owens was rocked to her core when her brother died of a motorcycle accident in 1992, latifa had g him the bus two months earlier leaving her heart broken and guessed. after time, somehow there was hope. >> i would get these little messages, like clear as day, like someone said it to me. dana, don't throw it all away, you're going to get through this. i heard it clearly through a haze of alcohol. because i didn't feel that way. but i feel like that's god's way of saying, don't throw it all away, you're going to get thrthis. so i started to deal with the way to get through. music video was dedicated to lance, latifa has since made peace and thrived and now she's
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part of another inspiring project. >> i've been married 14 years. >> in "hemiracles from heav plays a wait dress. >> i'm inspired any time i can be connected allows me to help bring a positive story to the public. we need this. >> i wa make a prediction right here, this movie is going well, in general faith based movies are big business for hollywood, they always seem to make big money. >> but t film will likely be the next installment in the diverjent series, allegiance. hear about their first date, their fights and their adorable daughters.
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we work hard so you don't have to. sc johnson a family company. that is the steam my set that cather hidel is working on a new music videotogether. we were there on the set as the couple got down to business. ♪ built something beautiful here ♪ >> it wascatherine's idea that she strip down to nothing but white lingerie for her dire
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directtral debu >> pretty much accurately b on an argument and a time in our marriage when we were really struggling. >> it was a pretty big fight, but it was a good one, it was a healthy one. >> it wasn't cheating, or anything, but we forgot that we were supposed to be on each other's side. and there was a little bit too much drinking going on so the figh escalate and the us communication and the hurt feelings. >> josh wrote the song as sort of his post fight apology. our o set exclusive is kind of a full circle moment. the couple met on a music video set. >> i remember showing up, oh, i'm single. this could be i was excited to meet him. he was like, hey, thanks for coming out, i appreciate you being here, this is going to be a fun da
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so i thoouht this isn't going to be any fun, or a makeout session later. so later on, just kind of relaxed and went out on our first d night. >> then throw in their beautiful daughters, the fami kind of anti-hollywood living on a arm in utah, but the glimpses of cuteness are instagrammed. >> what are you doing there? you little singer. >> one dude a ton of chicks, i'm way utnumbered. >> if you want the full vid exclusively on our website, etonline right now, you can preview josh's new album, drops on march that is sally field in the new quirky comedy that hits theaters today, "hello name & is doris." she won her first oscar
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ago for for ma ray and now she's going be 70 this november. so i sally back to her legendary career. almost 5 1/2 decades of working in this business, and we sort highlight some of tte -- starting in the '60s, wi. >> oh, man, these women can get along perfectly well without you. >> and in the '70s, smoky and the bandit. >> something even more importan something called "cybill". >> and that i had done right before, i mean literally, i had just wrapped "cybill" and before it was ever on the air, i was miraculously hired to do "smoky and the bandit" and that was
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done by the seat of our pants. just any of it aslike a wedding croc proxy. >> i don't think anybody t it would be the classic it turned out to be, w knew? then it was a bit of hope again, sort of jumping and down in place un something came my way, which was norma. >> norma was "norma raye." >> i just want to be su that "entertainment tonight" is first, with what you said about the oscar >> what did i say? you kind of have the feeling i'm coming back for oscar number number three, i'm going to win eight in a row. you want to break every record that was ever set. >> sally has more hits than we have time to name. "mrs. doubt fire."
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the whole time you were -- the whole time? magnolias". >> i wonder if that baby will ever know how wonderful h mother was. >> don't bring another subcommittee to investigame. >> field who turns 70 this year plays an older woman infat waited with a younge man in "hello my name is doris". >> i'm so sorry. >> you d that on purpose, didn't you? >>no. >> doris, are you okay? >> oh, yeah. >> here's the thing about sally field, she m it look so easy, but she told me, well, it's not. >> to have a long-term career, you have to buckle up. and you have to be willing to head downstream, you know o roller coaster shooting to the ground as well as one that's shooting to the sky. you have to be able to ride it. >> i can tell you that is excellent advice for everybody thinking about getting into this
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and free crossroads secrets that will blow your mind right back to 2002. . welcome back to the show, everyone. and tonight's "e.t" birthday, which c the voice once worked as a waiter at a johnny & rockets restaurant. that's adsaddaadam levine. and ben affleck talks "batman vs. superman" and his
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ginormous back tattoo. >> you get subconscious. >> that's monday. "the insider," countdowning down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, jennifer lopez in tears. inside her american idol breakdown. >> i was so overcome. this is your night, baby. >> the powerful performance spotlighting domestic but what's j-lo's past abuse connection. as her ex takes the "batman vs. superman" feud off screen.


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